Why Weeks?

The first thing you may notice about Weeks Medical Center is our beautiful environment in Northern New Hampshire. And while we love the surrounding areas of our medical centers, there is so much more Weeks Medical Center has to offer.

group of medical professionals

We are commited to strengthening our medical team, promoting employee advancement, building stronger healthcare collaborations, and recognizing the significant contributions of our volunteers and supporters. Working for Weeks means that you will become part of our special family and your work will be appreciated by both your colleagues and your community members. We promise once you come here, you will want to stay here.


The culture at Weeks Medical Center stems from providing our patients and their families with quality care and a memorable experience. This means you are surrounded by other healthcare professionals who have a true passion for serving others and the community.


Our innovative technology means that you will be trained using some of the latest technology and resources.

group of medical professionals

Community Involvement

The caring nature of the Weeks community is embedded through our employees and the community members we serve. We recently formed a joint venture with Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital and Androscoggin Valley Hospital called the Northern New Hampshire Healthcare Collaborative (NNHHC). The goal of this multi-hospital alliance is to work together collectively to better serve the medical needs of North Country patients by providing greater access, quality and affordability in the delivery of healthcare services.