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Certified Medical Assistants

Certified Medical Assistants employment is expected to grow 29% from 2016-2026. Weeks Medical Center Physician Practices rely heavily on Certified Medical Assistants to keep the practice running smoothly. Our providers partner with Medical Assistants to assist them in many aspects of healthcare. Often the Medical Assistant is one of the first faces our patients see. Providers and nurses alike appreciate the skills that Certified Medical Assistants bring to the clinics. Kate Martin, RN explains it this way, “Medical Assistants are valuable as they can function in many ways from front desk, clerical, to hands on patient care. We allow them to function at their highest skill potential.” Medical Director Glenn Adams, DO states, “My MA is so helpful to me personally and the Groveton team. We work quickly and efficiently together. The patients are familiar with her. She seems to be able to accomplish whatever task I give her. I could not be so productive or give such good care without my well trained MA.”

Weeks Medical Center is a facility where many Certified Medical Assistants have found a work environment to be enjoyed. Angela Arnesen, CMA states it this way, “I love my job at Weeks I have learned so much since being here over the last 20 years. I love learning and I love what I do. I think we have a great group, we work well together and as a TEAM, always willing to help each other out. There is always opportunity to learn more here at Weeks.” Another CMA, Jessica Judson, shares these thoughts, “ I drive 45 minutes to work, I have worked here for 8 years this month and I choose to stay at Weeks Medical because I feel as an equal”. Denise Grootenboer, CMA states, “I have very much enjoyed being a medical assistant and I am very grateful to Weeks for being given the opportunity to become a CMA and for being willing to take the time to train me. I have learned so much and continue to learn each and every day. I take pride in my knowledge and strive to learn more every day. I have gone from a housekeeper to a CMA/Supervisor and continue to want to grow each day.” Another CMA shared these thoughts, “I like being a medical assistant because I enjoy my patients. I may be one of the oldest CMA here but my brain is not full yet, I love to learn new things and working in this field I feel like I am always learning something new or some new way to do something old. I will probably be a CMA for a long time to come” Raylene Degreenia CMA. Elizabeth Lounsbury, Director of Physician Practices at Weeks Medical Center states I love working with Medical Assistants, they often come to us young in their career, fresh out of Medical Assisting school. They come excited to begin their healthcare career but also a bit nervous about getting started. Watching them grow not only as a Medical Assistant but often watching them grow in life as well, getting married and having families, is one of the joys of my job. It is exciting to watch them figure out what specialty they might enjoy or see some of them grow into our leaders of the future”.

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