The "Growing Our Own" Program

At Weeks Medical Center we take a “Grow Our Own” approach to advancement and learning, especially when it comes to training new nurses. Our “Growing our Own” program is a unique take on internal promotion that goes above and beyond what typical companies invest in their employees. This program is dedicated to meeting the on-going demand for nurses at Weeks while enabling employees to transition into nursing careers. “Growing our Own” is an innovative program designed to give those interested in the nursing field, but who do not have the training, the ability to pursue their dream.

Two employees who have taken advantage of this creative program are Randy Chauvette and Sierra Whipple. Here are their stories:

Randy is a long-time Weeks employee who started working at the switchboard and today, after earning his LPN and RN degrees at White Mountain Community College, is a nurse in the Critical Care Department. He is currently working on his Masters degree in nursing education with the goal of becoming a House Coordinator at Weeks and a nurse educator.

Sierra joined Weeks as a LNA and works as a Health Unit Coordinator in the Medical/Surgical Department. Like Randy, Sierra had a strong desire to pursue advanced nursing degrees and will receive her RN degree from White Mountain Community College in May of 2013. She has accepted a position as a staff RN in the Medical/ Surgical Department.

“Randy and Sierra are a huge asset to Weeks’ nursing team. ‘Growing Our Own’ is a creative idea that has become an amazing success story.”
-Rebecca Sayre, Nurse Manager Medical/Surgical Department