Job: Operating Room Registered Nurse - OR / SSU

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

Operating Room Registered Nurse




Day shift

72 Hours per Pay

Job Details:
  • Position Summary
    • The Perioperative nurse is defined as the Registered Nurse (RN) who, using the nursing process, develops a plan of nursing care and then coordinates and delivers care to patients undergoing operative or other invasive procedures. Perioperative nurses have the requisite skills and knowledge to assess, plan, intervene, and evaluate the outcomes of interventions. The Perioperative nurse addresses the physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual responses of surgical patients. The Perioperative nurse provides care in compliance with hospital policies and the standards of practice of AORN Standards, Recommended Practices, and Guidelines. In addition, The Perioperative nurse possesses knowledge of CMS (HICFA) standards specific to Critical Access Hospitals, New Hampshire Department Health guidelines, New Hampshire Board of Nursing rules, and the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and Standards of Nursing Practice of Weeks Medical Center.
  • Qualifications
    • Current RN license in the State of New Hampshire
    • Two years Med-Surg experience required
    • Must possess a valid driver's license and the ability to take on call responsibility
    • Current BLS and ACLS certification required
    • Basic Dysrhythmia course completion required within one year of hire
    • PALS course completion required within one year of hire
    • EKG Interpretation Course required
    • AORN certification strongly preferred
    • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and organizational skills required
    • Computer skills strongly preferred
  • Essential Functions of the Job
    • Required skills and competencies. Has competency checklist been completed with all competencies met, i.e. job skills, knowledge, equipment knowledge?Demonstrates current technical and clinical competence and excellence in practice.
    • Accepts professional responsibility and accountability for the quality of care provided to surgical patients in all phases of care -- pre-op, intra-op, and post-op.
    • Between case cleaning will be facilitated with the help of housekeeping department. Rapid room turnover is important but needs to be efficient and cleanliness of the operating is maintained through consistent cleansing according to established protocols. Manages time effectively. When cases finished, meets departmental requirements and leaves at appropriate time. The perioperative nurse assumes responsibility for maintaining clinical competence. Assumes responsibility for continuous education through personal study, attendance at institutional inservice programs, seminars, and AORN Congress. Actively participates in the orientation of new personnel to the OR/SDS. Orients new personnel by demonstrating processes and observing a return demonstration, to ensure that the new employee performs according to Weeks policy and standards.
    • Manages time effectively to ensure that deadlines are met and that personal priorities support organizational objectives. Demonstrates an understanding of the relationship between departmental/personal responsibilities and overall organizational goals/strategies and acts accordingly.
    • Quality of work is accurate and consistent with expected levels of professional performance based upon Standards of Practice and policies.
    • Utilizes the nursing process and makes sound decisions after evaluation of a situation. Able to set priorities and manage time appropriately. Responds quickly, but does not over-react to situations.
    • Understands and adheres to the ON Call Policy. Must be in house within 30 minutes of call, cover call as assigned per call rotation schedule, must cover co-worker‘s vacation time and requested time off at minimum of twice a year; any additional call exceeds expectations.
    • Demonstrates the skill and judgment necessary to implement physician orders, nursing interventions, and procedures as necessary for safe, efficient effective and appropriate total care of the patient.
    • Reports significant changes in patient's status to the physician and anesthesia care provider as indicated by documentation in the record.
    • Demonstrates competency in PACU. Immediately recognizes abnormal airway, breathing and circulation and intervenes quickly and appropriately. Understands the Aldrete scoring system for discharge from PACU and discharges appropriately.
    • Accurately administers medications, all routes, and IV fluids. Follows all medication and IV policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for monitoring the patient during sedation or analgesia and understands the pharmacology of the agents administered and the role of pharmacologic antagonists. Is able to recognize complications associated with sedation/analgesia. The RN possesses the requisite knowledge and skills to assess, diagnose and intervene in the event of complications or undesired outcomes and to institute nursing interventions in compliance with physician orders.
    • Is proficient in assisting in the endoscopy room with all endoscopy procedures such as, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and bronchoscopy. Proficiency is also required in assisting the surgeon with polypectomy, Bx. Ablation of tumors and balloon dilatation.
    • Performs nursing actions that demonstrate accountability by exercising safe judgment in decision making, demonstrates flexibility and adaptability to changes in nursing practice, responds in a positive manner to constructive criticism and demonstrates tact and understanding when dealing with patients, team members, members of other disciplines, and the public.
    • Ensures proper and economical use of equipment and supplies for patient care. Makes recommendations to improve the cost effective use of supplies. Makes recommendations on new products to the Value Analysis committee.
    • Ensures that proper charges are generated from each OR, SDS and Out-Pt. For medications and supplies utilized.
    • Provides equipment and supplies based on patient needs by anticipating needs and assuring all equipment functioning before use.
    • Operates mechanical, electrical and air-powered equipment according to manufacturer instructions.
    • Monitors and controls the environment by regulating temperature and humidity as indicated.
    • Knowledgeable in the care and handling of all endoscopes using Steris according to policy and utilizing proper documentation.

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