Featured Role

Registered Nurse Case Manager

RN case managers enjoy both the gratification of patient care and also the rewarding challenge of leadership. From the moment a patient is admitted for care to the time when that patient is released and often even beyond that, the RN case manager plays a fundamental role in making sure that the patient receives the correct care from a team of health care professionals. The Case Management team puts great emphasis on helping each patient transit their health care treatment with an appropriate set of support tools and information. Our caring, professional staff provides timely medical and discharge management to meet clinical and service goals, and to provide an effective, appropriate continuum of care. We want to ensure that our patients receive the attention they need, especially when they require care from several different services and other combinations of medical, financial or social intervention.

Due to the multifaceted nature of this position, an RN case manager relies on a variety of skills and strengths in order to be successful. This professional must possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as attention to detail, in order to evaluate medical conditions and plan for the best care. Being a good listener allows the case manager to better understand both the medical and social needs of patients. RN case managers also rely on solid leadership skills - such as strong oral and written communication, and the ability to manage many professionals - in order to ensure proper care for patients.